Sunday, January 15, 2017

ASW15b formation flying

Here is a slideshow showing 2 Airtech Asw15b (Alfio Origlio and his mate) doing some formation flying at Corps in the french Alps. This plane, with a 4m wingspan, is not produced anymore, which is a shame as it was one of the most versatile 4 m sailplane on the market. Pictures taken in summer 2013.


  1. The usualEnglish term for this is 'formation flying', Pierre. Nice pictures!

  2. Hey Pierre, don't you think could do the trick as well?

    1. Bonjour Arnaud,
      Je ne connais pas ce modèle en particulier, mais sur le papier il est très similaire et est équipé de volets, donc oui, cela doit le faire également !


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